The DnA of D&I

The DnA of D&I.

DnA - the fundamental and distinctive characteristics or qualities of someone or something, especially when regarded as unchangeable.

Diversity & Inclusion - encompasses a group of unique individuals who acquaint and integrate with one another, but each are entirely different concepts with separate benefits. 

As we move forward at restoring our sense of self from the system of White Supremacy/ Racism, WE (the Global Majority) need to be included in the DnA of D&I.

I have been working in the D&I space for a few years now - and despite some of the caution around training sessions like Unconscious Bias, I have come to the conclusion that these spaces are actually vital, important & necessary.

I came to this conclusion before being in the space.

I remember I was 6 or 7 months into my loc journey and I felt a calling to spend time daily in my local park.

I spent hours there.

Observing the DnA of the universe.

And I remember receiving a download that was later confirmed about nature being the truth. Whenever, I was confused about something - look, observe nature!

Whilst walking back from skating I started to observe people that classify themselves and are perceived as White. I think I was reading Why I'm No Longer Talking to White People... at the time.

I watched as they walked their dogs.

I watched as they jogged.

I watched as they also occupied the space of the park.

And for the first time in my existence, I felt a deep compassion for these people who for some reason had took to labelling themselves first, and the planet after. As if they were above and in control of nature.

And we all know that to label is to box is to spell... Right?



I felt compassion.

Because I realised that they, the ones whose ancestors had taken to labelling, had no space to talk about race outside of racism.



The very same white supremacy racist construct that had been built by whiteness - had ricocheted into them, the descendant of such limitation, living in isolation.

So when I observed my first Anti-racism training session it was confirmation of what I had already been told. By nature.

George Floyd.

And what I had known to be true about this construct was confirmed and recognised by people who had previously made me feel mad.


What I found strange though was how quickly so much D&I companies had been established.

All after George Floyd?


They had always been. Failing to recognise or see the Blackness in Diversity.

Diversity means different things to different people. I'd learned this whilst working in a theatre who was championing diversity whilst simultaneously excluding and avoiding race.

For me, diversity triggers racial diversity. It's the most visible thing... your skin.

As a person racialised as White, with a hidden disability reminded me - In this system she is more able.

For others, they speak of diversity whilst selfishly lacking to acknowledge their privilege.


No intersectionality!

And so, in its conception... even Diversity and Inclusion companies have embedded into its DnA, the White Gaze.


How does that help the ricochet?

Further to this, companies and clients who need to raise awareness about their Unconscious Bias tend to be complicit in the racist system by who they are asking for help.

A White owned company?

A Black owned (the owner being the only Black) company?

A diverse company with a Eurocentric map?

Who can really help cure the DnA of racism?


You've been diagnosed with a tumour, and are looking for assistance in cutting it out and bringing you back to health.

What do you do?

I'd learn about the tumour. In this case the tumour is white supremacy/ race-ism.

So interwoven and interconnected is this intersectional tumour that the supremacy supersedes its effects.

The DnA of D&I

is [those of us - the global majority - who have been racialised as]


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