The 4Bidden Uncle

Updated: Jan 19

At this point you must have realised that there is some knowledge out there that is forbidden!

Hidden knowledge that only is available to some.

So what do you do?

Do you live in ignorance or... do you make it a priority to search for the hidden?

I come from a very diverse family. And not just in complexion - but in mindset!

I say this, should in case you don't.

I say this, should in case you want... a bite from the apple or an offer of the red pill!

This is dedicated to my uncle. 'My Male Mother' coined by the book Of Water & Spirit! Read my review on this book here! Product Review

Growing up my male mother, my uncle, constantly had the red pill on offer!

The complexity of him is that he also indulged us with blue pill activity - introducing swimming, skating, riding!

Somehow the Blue pill is part of the journey in getting the Red one. Simply put - you get to what is forbidden through what is approved.

What is hidden is in plain sight. What is spiritual is rooted in reality!

Music is a good example of a vehicle that travels through different realities and my male mother introduced me to one of the greatest musicians/ conduits of all times... Michael Jackson!


My male mother moved me magically... imagine me mesmerised by Michael!

When he died. Michael. My male mother moved my mind more...

Where did Michael go? And could he die if his music is still here?

The red pill is a sort of death.

Some religious texts encourage spiritual death and rebirth as part of their initiation process. And even though physical death is something we all agree is inevitable I've always found it strange that most of us act surprised when it happens.

We don't plan.

We don't prepare!

And we cry like it was supposed to avoid us.

It doesn't.

And as a family, having experienced multiple people dying - my male mother - who had disappeared for a decade, resurrected to offer... The RED pill.

There are multiple realities.

For more 4bidden knowledge.

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