Strange Days

Set in the year 1999 within the two days leading to the year 2000, this 23 year old movie works as a meta verse prophecy!

The symmetry, which is to be our new world in this reality is spooky - and it's only because of my total obsession of Angela Bassett, who plays the supporting role of Mace, to why I even got hold of this.

I watched in 1999, even though the film was made in 1995. And as we enter into the world 2022 post pandemic it was time for another watch!

The film opens with European Americans robbing East Asians... and somehow this symbolised a war that just. isn't. being spoke about!


If you haven't watched Strange Days yet, when watching it's important to keep in mind how we've all been influenced to want the device in the movie... let's call this device SQUID.


We all one. It's super smart! And without it we don't feel alive. Keep this in mind as watching the Strange-ness of these days.

In the film SQUID is a technological device (without the wiring) that was originally developed for the police but now is being sold on the black market. You put it on your head, and it connects with your cerebral cortex. It can record events in your life, as well as allow you to play, and be fully immersed into the experiences of others.

The lead up to our susceptibility of SQUID in this reality - which we'll call Earth-1218, is our obsession with films, TV (reality TV in particular), games, music, social media, books, whatever... all of which are methods of escapism.

Further to these obvious external resources, did you know there's a place that a large percentage of us runs to that is internal? it's seldom talked about and I only recently discovered it's name... Maladaptive daydreaming.


Lenny (played by Ralph Fiennes) is an ex-cop, turned street hustler who sells a range of taped experiences that you can 'play back' through the SQUID. You can be"Whoever you want to be... forbidden fruit".

The SQUID is "[the] switchboard to the soul... "

And Lenny is the "Santa clause of the subconscious"

He plays on our needs to escape this reality. And in some ways is like the weed man of technology for when you want... or need that high!

"You want a girl. Two girls. A guy! Be a girl... it's all doable".

"It's a piece of somebodies life... pure, uncut straight from the cerebral cortex..."


This made me really think about the drive behind Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. 

What is the agenda behind us all being equal?
It sounds nice, but does White Supremacy/ Racism really want a world where there is no power structure?

In Strange Days, Lenny is selling a world where everyone is equal, no one is marginalised by their ability or race. The SQUID makes everyone feel their best, because it plugs you into what you think is your best life...

Is this the same sell on Earth-1218 to the meta verse? With crypto currency being at the forefront of economical inclusivity for all?


But unlike our maladaptive dreaming; unlike the movies; It is essential that we WAKE-UP! And the Strange Days SQUID alludes to some of the consequences that may occur if we become slaves to our escapism addictions.


Why do we escape?

  • Because Earth-1218 has left us heartbroken.

  • We are addicted to the endorphin high of pleasure - at any cost?!

  • We are oppressed - leaving us homeless and/ or hungry.

In the film Jericho One is a political rap artist - challenging racism, and speaking out against the injustice of the police.

He's killed.


It is recorded.... by the SQUID!

Strange Days was recorded in 1995.... before social media!

Strange indeed. That before the unjust murder of George Floyd a film documents that a black man is murdered by the police and recorded.

However, unlike social media it wasn't recorded live - which leads to a witch hunt of Iris the woman who recorded it.

Fast Forward>>

Iris' death is one of the sickest moments I've seen on film.... so please watch with caution!

And like her name suggests, Iris is witness to her own death. She see's it. Through the SQUID Iris' murderer tortures her to the nth degree by making her experience his sensation of raping while strangling her death.

That same antagonist targets people and creates an amplify boosts signal on the SQUID - leaving them 'technically alive' while mentally lost in a static limbo.... nowhere. Unable to WAKE-UP... mental slavery. A vegetative state.

Have you watched my review on Sitting in Limbo?

Have you thought about how we all are living more and more on autopilot?

Mace - Memories were meant to fade... they were designed that way for a reason


Story and Screen play: James Cameron

The Black characters were at times stereotypical in both their occupations and their relationship to their White counterparts. However, I thought this was intentional, well. though through and drove the narrative of human enslavement.

It would have been interesting to see Mace - the Black Woman played by Angela Bassett - embrace femininity at times; and Faith - the White Woman played by Juliette Lewis - embrace intellectual depth.

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