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Rather than look at Brothers in Hoods..

For the purpose of this review, let's look at them as shoes...

to delve deeper,

deeper than the media!

To set the Vybz - Press PLAY as you Read.

So where did we get our Clark(e)s?

And how and when did they become objects of both desire and mal(e)function??

And whilst Clark(e)s have been massively fashionable, especially in the deep tanned colour, for the last decade or so, we must never forget the whole production line.

There is something/ one behind every Clark(e)s. And whilst we fixate on the sole/ soul of the individual shoe, I'm interested in the history and THE ROOT!

You see the Man-U-Factor purposely gives the Clark(e)s a lifespan. It waas never intended to be long. It is short lived. It is in itself objectified!

Can you imagine having power but knowing it will only last X amount of time?

I think it is the most disempowering factor. And so, I watch as the Clark(e)s becomes violent! Irritated!!

The power given to the Clark(e)s is woven into the design by the manUfactor. SQUEEZING is its detriment!

Now the history between the Clark(e)s and the foot has a bond(age) that is historical.

Foot has gone through her own level of oppression - by the same manufactors, but where once the design was simply to overtly squash the freedom of foot... now they covertly use other methods... like Clark(e)s... to do it for them!

The Clark(e)s and the Foot have an attraction and lust for one another like no other. I think it's the danger aspect! They shouldn't fit, but for a time.... they do - perfectly!

What's more they both have a great run boasting to the other shoes about how sexy they are together...

"We're a great fit"
"We are on top of the world!" ...

They forget to think about the other WOMEN feet and BLACK shoes in their connection!

 But what happens when the connection is lost?


Foot remembers that in order for her toes to be truly free, she needs to abandon the Clark(e)s.... they squeeze her toes,

she knows that ultimately they were made to Mal(e)function - but she hopped the deep tanned colour would be different?

She fears that without the Clark(e)s her toes

Will expose

and show

That SHE is weak, vulnerable without him.

Clark(e) is equally irritated with Foot.

The power and glory has over taken him!

And his disability of having to rely on... be directed by Foot reminds him that he is nothing! NOTHING.




A deep tanned Clark(e)!

This power means he doesn't treat the toes in shoes kindly at all. The resentment of not having full control of where he wants to go is the reason.

He squeezes them!

I represent The Stan Smith's.

Unlike Clark(e)s I'm not trend!

Unlike Toe I've never had freedom.

I understand both sides and circumstances.

And for me, the mal(e)function is in the design.

It is by design that the man-U-factors created Clark(e)s to hurt toes - to squeeze!

While they simply sit in ease

And take back their reward.

A distraction that keeps us arguing.

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